MBSR orientation session

This session is mandatory to join the full 8 week MBSR program.

Come to the orientation session and experience mindfulness and hear about the 8 week MBSR program.

Is this session we will practice a few little mindfulness exercises, hear about logistics of MBSR, formal and informal practices, topics covered in class, class size, what to wear and bring, homework, attendance, informed consent, risks and benefits of the program.

I will kindly ask you to meet me one-on-one shortly after the session to make sure this program is the right thing for you.

I will send you the location once you have signed up.

Kindly read all the information here on the webside before signing up.

The orientation session is free.

If you want to sign up to the entire program I but I am asking for a donation of 100 KD (or less if you are student or have a low income) if you decide to join the entire 8 week program.

Kindly send me an email with your full name, email address and phone number (so I can send you location on WhatsApp).

I look forward to meet you.

Al Salam
Kuwait City, Al Asimah Governate